Sunday, November 16, 2014

Kitesurfing Rescue Point self rescue!

Session 299.  We arrived at Banksia Peninsula around midday. I headed out on my Lithium 12 and the North Nugget (strapless).  I had a couple of good runs then the wind conked out.  I was heading to the shore slowly when my kite fell out of the sky, so I wound my lines in and started sailing the kite to shore.

Grant and Stu rescued James with the boat, he was floating further out with his kite also down.  They came and took my board after which I kept going eventually reaching shallow water and startling a few swans. I was wary of stingrays in the murky water though, especially after a windsurfer was stung last week at Beaumaris.

I packed the kite away and walked back to the point.   Next session will be on the Sector 60!


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