Sunday, November 09, 2014

North Nugget board for light wind, downwinders and messy surf

Session 296.  After reading several online recomendations and reviews of the North Nugget board I decided to get one.  It will fill a place between my Sector 60 and S-Quad and should be good for downwinders and light wind conditions.

The board is solid and well made - its shaped by Sky Solbach.  It comes with fins, full deckpads and footstraps. I decided to try it out strapless.  The first session was at Hampton in lighter wind.  I found it really easy to get going on and was immediately going upwind well.  The board does bounce around a bit at the nose but its not a problem.

I couldn't find one in Melbourne but was able to get one from SurfFX in Queensland.  The guy I spoke to on the phone was helpful and delivery by courier was very fast.

The board goes upwind so well you can use a size smaller kite.  Its like the Sector 60 without the bulk and weight.

It turns well on waves and is really stable for gybing.  I can now recommend it too!

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