Friday, November 14, 2014

Kitesurfing Newlands Arm in raging 30+ knots

Session 297.  First session on our long awaited four day kitesurfing long weekend, and what a cracker.  A 30+ knot south westerly was blowing at Paynesville. We launched off the headland south of Newlands Arm following the advice of a helpful local.  Rigged on grass then launched from the stony beach (watch out for oysters!). I was well powered on my 7m Crossbow out from the shore. Coming back in I dropped my kite during a turn in the lee. Luckily I relaunched it and got back to shore to sort out crossed lines.

The wind was stronger further out and was whipping up some nice waves.  It was gusting close to 40 knots. A few times I was almost overpowered with the kite fully depowered so jumping was easy!  Stuart, Tarren, James and I all had a good session here with our kites while Grant and Stu had a crack with their windsurfers.

A couple of boats came out pushing into the swell but otherwise it was very quiet.  As we packed up another kiter (local) came out from Paynesville beach and did some nice jumps.

What a way to start the trip - we hit the jackpot!

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