Friday, November 14, 2014

Kitesurfing Paynesville main beach on the Sector 60

Session 298. Bonus session - there wind was blowing at around 20 knots later in the afternoon so had a session at the main Paynesville beach.  Its a sketchy place to launch though as the beach is narrow and the small pier presents an obstacle and there is a no boating zone.  I got out past the pier in on tack on my Sector 60 board though using my 9m kite.

I did some nice speed runs over towards Newlands Arm, wary of running out of wind, then I got out past Raymond Island for a short tour.  The Sector 60 gives you options that other boards don't - its an upwind machine.

Fast runs took me back to the beach then we landed our kites and ran to assist Amelia who had drifted down into the channel.

The main Paynesville beach is not a good place for beginners particularly with the wind onshore but its a lovely location.


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