Sunday, December 09, 2012

Nice kitesurfing at Hampton after yesterday's tempests

Session 199. 

I decided not to go out yesterday due to the howling northerly followed by a 35 knot southerly gusting to 50 knots! Today was more like summer - a nice consistent 20 knot southerly blew most of the day.

My session started after lunch. Richard Matison was on the water too. We spent some time kiting near the breakwater.  I did a run up to the beach past the Sandringham Yacht Club then came back surfing the swell.

I did some nice slalom turns on both my good stance (natural) and not so good stance (goofy).  The Lithium 12 turns nicely and generates good power through the turns.  It loves to fly too and parks quite well when the power is backed off.  You can see my slalom tracks on the GPS track log.

There were about 15 kiters out and maybe 8 windsurfers, all enjoying the good conditions.  There was a nice swell and small surf coming in between the 1st and 2nd groynes too.

Gybe turns are going well now, but I cannot my brain around how to do a Duck Tack.

I used the line mount for the camera for the first time on the Airush Lithium lines.  It is easy to mount, but the plastic line holder is close the lens and obscures some of the action. I will try holding it further up with  a rubber band.

Session stats
Distance:26.38 km
Max  Speed:37.8 km/h

Calories:1,090 C


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