Monday, December 24, 2012

Strapless kitesurfing at Gnotuk

Session 203. After some wild northerlies during the morning (and the hottest ever Melbourne night) a good southerly came in during the afternoon.  I headed down to Gnotuk Ave where Tim, Franz, Wayne and several other fanatical  kitesurfers were out in the bay surf.

I decided to have a go strapless on my S-Quad.  Getting going was initially a bit of a challenge, but I soon figured out that putting a bit of pressure on the board rail with both feet - and the board pointing across the wind - was the way to pull up and get going,

Its a whole different feeling, and a nice one.  Popping off a wave make it quite likely you will come off the board, and it seems to dance around a lot more.  It feels much more like surfing.   Gybing felt suprisingly difficult too for some reason, but riding toeside was definitely easier.

I headed out the back and was negotiating some quite big swells.  I then accidentally released my safety during a stack so the kite hit the water and I couldn't reset the chicken loop so it was carted into shore by the surf. I secured it, then carried it back to the car park.

Franz said he thought it was easier in the bay surf/chop to use footstraps, but I was quite happy to have completed my first reasonable session riding strapless.  Yet another progression in this wonderful sport.

Overall, a great session, sans technologie!

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