Saturday, December 29, 2012

Nice bay surf kiting at Mentone

Session 206.  Got on the water a bit after 5pm with about 20 knots consistent sea breeze blowing, there were only two other kiters there, one just finishing as I set up.  There was a nice small bay surf and the stiff wind with my Lithium 12 was good for speed.

Some of the swells were rideable with the kite parked.   I was able to ride heelside out (left) and come back in toeside (right) with easy.  The "post turn gybe" (right) and "pre turn gyble (left) are both quite consistent now. I am feeling quite confident on the surfboard and like the ability to ride the waves and swell.  

Its easier to negotiate the bay surf too as the board pops over broken waves easily.  Boosting off a wave lip is fun with both feet in the straps, but can be dicey with only one foot in. I did the splits once.

I had a couple of big stacks and got well rinsed.

A couple of other kiters arrived towards the end of the session, but overall it was remarkably uncrowded considering how good the wind and waves were.

The backpack camera mount has been fiddly to set up but worked OK this session. Here's the  video.

I have had quite a few days kiting in a row now, and they have all been good.  Time for a rest day, maybe . . .


Stuart Tarzan Man said...

Hey Peter, the video doesn't work on iPad or nexus. Probably not mobile supported.

Peter Campbell said...

Stuart, I used a Hilltop Hoods song for the soundtrack, I think it may be restricted for copyright reasons. I will do an original version and repost.

Anonymous said...

Smooth kiting!

and now I also know at least one Australian hip hop band!