Thursday, December 27, 2012

Plenty of power in thirty knots at Hampton

Session 205.  The hot northerly turned into a raging southerly at around 3pm. I got down to Hampton at around 4pm and was stoked to see good waves and lots of wind.  I pumped up my Crossbow 7 but left in on the grass while I locked my car.  That is a no no.  Another kiter was standing on it when I got back to the kite.  There is wind swirling everywhere when its 30 knots.

I refitted the footstraps to the surfboard as conditions looked quite choppy, and I was glad that I did.

Rick was on the beach and hoping for the wind to drop as his smallest kite was a 10.  Most kiters were out with 8m or smaller kites.  I had no trouble getting out through cross onshore shore break and headed out, climbing over the big swells.

Its a whole different experience kiting in such strong wind and bigger waves.  I even de-powered the 7 for a while!   There was a good surf rolling between the two rock groynes.  I shared the waves with 5 other kiters, most of them on surfboards.  I got a few shots of them with my kitecam and helmet cam.

I ended up on the beach a couple of times when my board was washed in after a stack, but getting out again was easy in the strong wind.

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