Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Kitesurfing raging bay surf at Hampton

Session 210. A 20 knot southerly came in around 2pm today.  I headed down to Hampton at 5:30pm hoping to get in a quick session.  Some kiters were getting into their cars and leaving as I arrived with 30+knots blowing and a decent bay surf coming in.

I rigged up my Crossbow 7, self launched and headed out.  Its quite a feeling to be kiting over a 1m swell in a raging southerly yet feeling in equilibrium.  Some larger waves were breaking off shore. I headed down to Green Point where two other kiters were enjoying the surf and solitude.

After a couple of runs there I headed back with a couple of tacks to Hampton.  The beach was completely deserted so I self-landed the kite. It wouldn't settle onto its leading edge so I followed the front lines and grabbed the leading edge.

I stopped and Middle Brighton on the way home and watched several surfers enjoying the bay surf.

30+ knots at Hampton

Bay surfers at Middle Brighton

Bay surfers and Spirit of Tasmania heading down the bay


Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,

Seems like a great ride yesterday!

@ Brighton Beach, despite some locals warning for the front coming up, two kites got mixed up and their kiters were dragged all along the beach!

Today seems like wind = cracking again.

Loving Melbourne



Peter Campbell said...

Noémie, it was more like an "extreme expedition" than a normal session. I peeked around the corner at Green Point and couldn't see any kites so the drama you saw must have been over by then.

It pays to check the forecast and the conditions to avoid getting into trouble.

Today its on again! We might have a session later in the day at Port Melbourne.