Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Short but sweet session at Hampton in the setting sun

Session 214.  Got down to Hampton a bit late (7pm) after a bad run in the traffic. Everyone is back from holidays now and the roads are getting clogged.  The evening sun was lovely, but the sea breeze was dropping out as I rigged my kite.

I got going on the Sector 60 and had a good run out in moderate wind.  On the second run in I was pondering going back to shore but I stopped, then the kite ran out of wind and landed on the water.  I was over 100m out and was thinking I might have to self rescue. However, as I drifted the wind picked up a little and I was just able to relaunch the kite - swimming towards it helped it open up and catch the wind.  I was lucky.

It was a relief to get moving again. I did a short run out then headed back to shore.  The sunset was lovely. Lot of people were jogging and walking about the foreshore.

It was a very short session, but a nice one.


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