Monday, January 28, 2013

Kitesurfing with the madding crowd at Mentone

Session 219. Yet another great sea breeze this afternoon. 

I headed to Mentone Beach were Stuart and James were.  The wind was strong when I arrived so I pumped up my 10m kite and headed out.  A couple of guys were in the shallow water with their kites at 12, which made it difficult to get going.  I asked on guy to lower his kite. He said "I am trying to get going".  

If you are are new kiter, be aware that having your kite parked at 12 o'clock creates a real nuisance to others as it sticks up like a barrage balloon.  You are better of lowering it and only bringing it up high when you are doing a power stroke to get going.

The surf was good, I had quite a few nice runs and rode a few good waves.  It was quite crowded - about 12 other kiters were there, and most of them were in the waves close to shore.  Once out a bit further there was more room to move.  I did a long run over to the cliffs with Stuart, then another long run back towards Parkdale.  Coming back in the surf was good.  

When then the wind dropped a bit I was wishing I had my 12m kite, then it dropped some more so I came in and packed up.

After the Bay Crossing it was nice to just cruise about, go upwind and enjoy the waves again.

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