Sunday, January 06, 2013

Kitesurfing tour Hampton to Port Melbourne return

Session 208. Cesar and I linked up to do a training run for the upcoming Across the Bay to Conquer Cancer.   The 20 knot southerly was a welcome relief from yesterday's 40C!

We met at Hampton at about 2:30 and did a fast run down to Port Melbourne.  This was mostly one long downwind tack although I did go toeside a couple of times briefly.  We had a brief chat at the Port Melbourne beach and decided to try going back upwind.

Cesar was going upwind well on his surfboard but my Sector 60 was definitely a bit better.  We did a couple of tacks out past Princess Pier then a long run up to Elwood, followed by some shorter tacks to Brighton, then past Green Point and back to Hampton.

As I got tired, the gybe turns were harder.  Its important to keep some speed up through the turns, and to switch feet in a positive one-two movement.

We were happy to finish, and I was quite depleted.


Session stats

Distance:52.79 km
Avg Speed:19.8 km/h

Slide show

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