Monday, January 21, 2013

Kitesurfing the waves at Green Point

Session 218. What a summer for kitesurfing!  Got down to Hampton after work and straight out into 23 knots of glorious sea breeze.  There was a reasonable swell so I headed down to Green Point to enjoy the waves.  I am really enjoying the surfboard now and quite confident throwing in quick turns and also "parking the kite" while I ride them.  What a buzz!

Franz was out at Green Point and Cesar was enjoying the surf around the point too.  I did a massive boost on the surfboard and landed it - the key is to point the board downwind and bring the kite back to the direction of travel.

I did an even bigger boost - I am guessing around 5 meters - but came down with a thud.  Its great to get some good strong wind.

I did quite a few runs up to the point then down the reef break, then out and back up to Brighton.

I tried a few duck tacks by pointing the board upwind. I am not sure what to do next, the body rotation puzzles me.

The Spirit of Tasmania was heading down the channel out in the Bay as I headed back to Hampton. The wind dropped just as I got to the beach.

Green Point
Green Point

Geting brave - jumping the surfboard

Going back to Hampton, Spirit of Tasmania on horizon



TWIST said...

Awesome stuff, while you were doing that I was get my second lesson at Kite Republic.

I'm finding your blog very inspiring. Think I'll be buying a kite soon...


Peter Campbell said...

Thanks TWIST, great to hear you are enjoying the stoke. I hope the lessons go well. See you on the beach soon!

john jackson said...

Hey Bro,

I like your site's content and the style of kiting that ya'll are doing down there. Wave kiting strapless is starting to really catch on in Corpus Christi,Texas believe it or not. I Actually kited a down wind'r with Ben Wilson as he was doing a wave riding clinic at South Padre Island, Tx to promote his kites. Heck of good guy!

Just started a blog of my own,
I hope you can check it out, any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


John Jackson